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Family Ministry!

At Covenant Community Church, we love families of all shapes and sizes! We love to equip and support all families who attend CCC!

About our Family Ministry

At CCC, we love to connect the church and the home. We have a vision to equip families to continue having faith discussions at home. We do that by offering various classes and programming! Here is a list of what we offer on a weekly basis!


Children's Ministry

We offer nursery care on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings for children ages birth - 5 Years Old.

Sunday Morning Offering Times are during 9:30 AM hour and 11:00 AM hour

Wednesday Evening Time is 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Elementary Age Children

On Sunday Mornings, during the 9:30 AM hour, we offer programming for elementary children in grades Kindergarten - 6th Grade.

During the 11:00 AM hour on Sundays, children sit in the worship service with their parents until the children's sermon. After the children's sermon, children are dismissed to children's church. Children's Church is offered for students in Kindergarten - 5th grade. We are using the Spirit & Truth Narrative Lectionary lessons, which go along with what is being preached on in the worship service.

On the 1st and 5th Sundays of the month, children stay in the worship service for the entire hour. Activity boxes are available for children to use during the worship service.

On Wednesday evenings, we offer class for kids in Kindergarten - 5th Grade. We use the D6 Curriculum to help the children learn important foundational building blocks for their faith.

Youth Ministry

We have a thriving youth ministry at Covenant Community Church! We have a number of things that we do, aside from weekly programming. Please click on the button to access the document for all the events happening outside of weekly programming. There are also other events on there like a marriage retreat that will happen through 2023.

Middle School

We are excited to offer a Middle School Youth Group on Wednesday nights!

This is for students in 6th - 8th grades!

Dinner is served in Fellowship Hall at 6 PM and then students will go to the junior high room until 8:00 _PM.

High School

We have a High School Youth Group on Wednesday nights!

This is for students in 9th - 12th grades!

Dinner is served in Fellowship Hall at 6 PM and then students will go to the senior high room until 8:00 PM.


We have classes and programming for adults through the week!

Sunday Morning Sunday School Classes at 9:30 AM

Adult Classroom


Wednesday Night at 6:30 (dinner is served at 6 PM)

Sermon Discussion Group

Present Over Perfect Study

Friday Morning at 10:45 AM

Bible Study Group

Adult Ministry

Marriage Retreat


We are excited to offer a quarterly marriage retreat in 2023!

It is called Grace Marriage!

We will meet for 4 hours on

  • February 18, 2023

  • May 6, 2023

  • August 19, 2023

  • November 18, 2023

There will be more information coming as we get closer, so please stay tuned!

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